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Did You Know?

  • Most of us will outlive our ability to drive by 7 to 10 years?
  • Lack of accessible transportation is one of the most significant barriers to employment for persons with disabilities?
  • Around the nation, Volunteer Driver programs help connect people to the destinations they need and want?
  • Investments in various transportation options and services not only help people, but help reduce traffic congestion and help the environment?

The fact is that there are significant gaps in transportation services for Michigan residents, particularly those in financial need and those who need specifically tailored transportation routes for the fulfillment of personal and business obligations. Specifically, there remains the need for flexible, reliable, personable and cost-effective transportation to meet niche needs in.

Freedom Road Transportation’s Volunteer Driver Program is dedicated to filling the transportation void that is left for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, former prisoners re-entering society and people with low incomes so that these individuals will have access to shopping, employment, entertainment, worship services, etc. In so doing, the problem of social isolation that is exacerbated by the lack of accessible transportation will be significantly reduced.


Freedom Road Transportation (FRT) is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower people living with low income with a convenient and cost-effective transportation option. Most riders use our program so they can get to and from doctors appointments, employment, worship services and grocery stores.

FRT allows people to improve their quality of life by not being isolated from their community. Some of the riders include single mothers, senior citizens, veterans, people with disabilities and others living with low incomes. Drivers donate their time and receive mileage reimbursement using the Federal guidelines.

FRT continues to address the needs of people who would otherwise be isolated in their homes or solely dependent on family and friends for transportation. Presently we have a ‘wait list’ for enrollment in our program.

FRT is in the process of transferring people off the list as funds arrive. We are encouraging people to place their names on the wait list so we can use this important ‘demonstrated need’ information while we seek additional funds and grant opportunities.


The goals and objectives of the Freedom Road Transportation (FRT) program are centered on assisting individuals in our communities access needed services to enable them to continue to live independently in their own homes and communities.

In addition to the actual users of program services, we recognize that our funding and services partners are also our customers. We believe that adherence to our Standards of Customer Care is essential to maintaining the exceptional reputation for responsibility and community service that our organization has achieved.

These are the Standards of Customer Care that we will honor and follow as the core values of our vision and purpose:

1. Always be courteous and respectful.
2. Always be objective, professional and fair.
3. Always be attentive and listen carefully.
4. Always be patient, understanding and caring.
5. Always provide clear and complete answers and instructions.
6. Always remain responsive, tactful and helpful.
7. Always follow through on commitments and promises.
8. Always be supportive.


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